Sadaf Mahmood

Enterprise Development Strategist

Sadaf Mahmood is one of the initiators of the heritage preservation project which is a unique initiative to revive and restore the nation’s architectural and cultural heritage on a massive scale. She has conducted a comprehensive research on the subject along with her highly motivated and competent team and has developed from SEED’s platform, long-term sustainable conservation programmes while creating awareness in this regard at all levels.

She is known for her passion for heritage revival and her resolve that anything can be achieved with dedication, conviction and hard work. She believes that a large number of people must be mobilized and motivated to work for a mutual goal with full dedication in order to create an impact.

Sadaf’s perseverance and devotion to the cause have created a stir in relevant circles and helped her gain the confidence of the architecture and conservation fraternity. Her endeavours to save historical architecture from further dilapidation and to instil a sense of responsibility, ownership and pride in organisations as well as individuals have been well received.

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