Saad Amanullah Khan

Former CEO Gillette Pakistan

Saad Amanullah Khan is the Chief Executive Officer of Gillette Pakistan. He currently is the member of OICCI’s Executive Committee as well as the former President of American Business Council. Prior to Gillette, he has worked in Procter & Gamble (P&G) for over 20 years. Saad is currently the Chairman of the Intellectual Property Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility Committees in OICCI and Taxation Committee in ABC. Saad is a very active social worker, sitting on the board of over 9 NGO’s, plus is the founding member of Pakistan Innovation Foundation and National Entrepreneurship Working Group. Saad has written a book (“It’s Business, It’s Personal” is under publication) and many research papers. He is also an active writer in newspapers article focused on economic growth, democracy, entrepreneurship, social development and leadership.

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