Rahat Aziz

Law Lecturer - Lawyer - Managing Director S.A Associates

S.A. Associates is a conglomerate of professionals from diversified disciplines of Corporate Infrastructure with the objective to provide its Clients the best services to meet their needs and requirements.

S.A. Associates provides consultancy and training in the following areas:

  • Corporate Consultancy
  • Commercial Consultancy
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Research Work
  • Corporate / Legal

Rahat Aziz has 30 years of experience in dealing with corporate matters and listing of securities on Karachi and Lahore stock exchanges.

The scope of this service involves various disciplines of laws related to the corporate sector such as:

  • Companies Ordinance 1984.
  • Banking Ordinance 1962.
  • Insurance Ordinance 2000.
  • Modaraba Companies (Floatation and Control) Ordinance 1980.
  • Securities and Exchange Ordinance 1969.

And many other Rules, Regulations, Code and Guideline.

S. A Associates is actively involved in providing advisory services to its corporate and institutional Clients some of which are:

Pakistan National Shipping Corporation
GSK (Pakistan) Ltd.
Artistic Millnair (Pvt) Ltd.
Artistic Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
Manhattan Communication (Pvt) Ltd.
Souvenir Tobacco Co. Ltd.
Wood Craft Group of Companies.
MAP Group of Companies.
Habib Group of Companies.
Sindh Environmental Foundation
Al- Bahar Shipping (Pvt) Ltd.
Almas Foundation
Sharmeen Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
Some of the Corporate Services being provided by S.A Associates are:
Incorporation & Licensing of new companies
Merger &Acquisition, and related matters.
Joint Ventures Companies and related matters.
Listing of Securities on Stock Exchange
Winding – up of companies and related matters

All Secretarial Services
All business activities involve decisions by the entrepreneur, partners or members of the Board of Directors resulting is raising debts, purchasing business, dealing with IPR issues, handling HR issues, purchasing machinery or raw material, dealing with freight related matters.

S. A Associates handles all your need for

Creation of the Contracts.
Vetting of the Contracts.
Advising on various terms of the Contracts.
Mediation or arbitration in case of dispute on Contracts.
Advice on enforcement of Contracts if dispute falls into litigation.

Any business, whether large or small, may run into difficulty due to lack of proper book keeping and maintenance of its accounts. All future strategic business decisions are dependent upon the performance of existing business activities which can only be achieved by maintaining proper accounting data and deriving reliable management information from such data.

At S. A. Associates, the senior members have over 25 years working experience of servicing diverse client base including Banks, Oil & Gas Sector enterprises, Pharmaceuticals, Garments and other Industrial and Service Sector companies and providing services to client’s needs and expectation to their utmost satisfaction.
Our Financial Consultancy role encompass analysis of clients requirements, designing and development of accounting systems, procedures and SOPs, implementation of the systems and maintenance of comprehensive accounting systems including management information systems, periodic analysis to ascertain the organization’s performance and forecasting of the organizations operational and financial objectives. The scope of the financial and management accountancy functions also include analysis and fixing of costing methods and pricing structures, breakeven analysis as well as financial structuring/restructuring and related matters.

S.A Associates also provides consultancy in preparation of financial projections for feasibility review of new projects and capital expenditure decisions for client companies.

Negotiations on behalf of clients with Banks or Financial Institutions are undertaken for arranging Loans along with assistance in preparation of bank loan documents. Negotiations for Loan rescheduling and related documentation with Banks on client’s behalf.

The scope of Financial Services provide by S. A. Associates include:
Financial System Review, Analysis and Recommendations
Financial/Accounting System Implementation
Maintenance/Supervision of Client Accounts (book keeping)
Periodic Reporting and Management Information Systems
Financial Modeling – new projects and capital expenditure.
Negotiations with Banks for loans on Client behalf and Loan documentations

Tax planning is inevitable activity in today’s business. We provide a comprehensive range of services from the completion of tax returns under corporation tax self assessment to complex consultancy assignments and strategic tax planning.

S. A. team of tax experts, having 25-30 years of tax practice and teaching knowledge/experience will definitely help you in this sphere of complex laws, which will ultimately give you a piece of mind and to concentrate on your business.

Our services include:

Corporate and Individual tax planning
Compliance services including preparation of income tax and sales tax returns
Representing clients before tax authorities and assisting legal counsel in preparing
appeals to the higher court.
Assisting with sales tax matters including registration, de-registration and assessment
Obtaining advance ruling on proposed investments or business transactions
Establish gratuity funds, provident funds and other employees benefit schemes and
their approval from tax authorities
Providing general tax advice based on current and evolving laws and rulings.

Research is a multipurpose activity, it gives you the history/ background of a subject, its development and different phases, its causes & reasons of weakness or failure and ultimately it provides you with the further thoughts of improvement, solution to overcome the problem.

Nations and societies build through research. S.A’s having reasonable experience of this activity has established this section.

Presently S.A is doing research job for following organizations:

International Labour Organization (ILO) Subject: Bonded Labour
Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan Subject: Rehabilitation of Disturbed Companies

Training is an activity, which continuously brings in new blood in an Organization. S. A has a niche in following training:

Corporate Law & Related matters.
Corporate Governance, Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility.
Contract Management
Regulation and Compliance
Following training programs have been conducted by the Master Trainer of S. A Associates. (i.e. Mr. Rahat Aziz)
Lead trainer of Employer Federation of Pakistan: Employer Federation of Pakistan, since 2004, subject are
o Corporate Laws
o Corporate Governance

Conducted trainings from the forum of IBA-CEE, in the 2011 and 2012 in following subjects:

o Corporate Laws in Decision Making.
o Changes in Corporate Laws Since the inception of SECP.
Conducted training from the forum of Sindh Judicial Academy High Court of Sindh in the year 2010 to 2013 for:
o State Bank of Pakistan
o Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
o Pakistan Navy – Law Wing
o Excise and Taxation Department, Government of Sindh o Differentiation of District Judiciary Lead Code of Corporate Governance trainer for ICAP, Directors training programme(Listed Company).

Subject: Conducted training from the forum of Business Suport Center – iobm in the year 2006.
Subject: Company Law Practice
Conducted training programmes of BOD members of listed companies like FF, Mari Gas.
Conducted training from the forum of School of Leadership
Conducted training from the forum of Karachi Tax Bar Association

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