Kelly Anne Hutchinson

Director Khonex

Social enterprises and technology for change are her passion and believes in finding innovation. She is a passionate digital advocate focusing on industry development, promoting business opportunities and developing online services for people to connect and grow in new and interesting ways, through creating true and long term partnerships between governments, donors, business’s, individuals, associations, institutions and other potential organizations.

Establishing Khonex in 2012 to purse both dimensions of what is the growing ‘social’ phenomenon she strives to make the most of the digital experience. The potential to harness technology to deliver both business and social development goals is Kelly’s one of the motivation.

Her research focus is on digitally enabled social entrepreneurship. Particularly in Australia and emerging markets where mobile and broadband technologies can become a new driver of economic growth providing opportunities for new models of business to bring benefits to communities.

Internationally, She worked in Southeast Asian private sector development building expertise in ICT solutions from 1999-2007. She ran 2 startups, Vibe Publications and Silk road IT and was part of the Village Phone and ANZ Wing Mobile Banking initiatives in Cambodia. As ICT Expert for Indochina Research, she coordinated IT sector research for Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Kelly was active in the Australian Business Association of Cambodia and co-founded the ICT Association of Cambodia representing in international forum. With Master’s degrees in Communications and Business IT (RMIT University), she often is present at international conferences, events and values the opportunity for knowledge exchange.

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